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We are incredibly proud of our people. Our community comes from elite and varied backgrounds: the top universities in the world, the best corporate research labs and tech companies in Japan, global financial institutions, and international management consulting firms.

We are a truly international and English-speaking working and learning environment, with colleagues from every continent (but Antarctica). We recruit exceptional individuals, as we are building an exceptional community.

All Tokyo Academic colleagues possess outstanding backgrounds, intellectual curiosity, and, above all, a passion for service. We are also constantly improving our teaching methods, our curriculum, our organization, and our platform to deliver the highest degree of service and impact for our students.

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Job Openings

We are looking for excellent writers to join our writing program and work with students on a one-on-one basis. This is an opportunity for highly motivated people to join our dynamic international team in Tokyo, and get in on the ground floor of a fast-growing educational startup. Flexible scheduling primarily during nights and weekends makes this great for a side job.

Who you are

  • A graduate of a US/UK/Canadian/Australian college
  • Previous publications
  • Previous teaching, tutoring, and coaching experience
  • High SAT/ACT Reading and Writing scores

What you will be doing

  • College essay consulting during the season (August-December)
  • School paper coaching during off season
  • ACT/SAT essay, reading, English/writing tutoring
  • Writing classes (optional)


  • Native-level English
  • Strong writing background
  • Minimum 6-month commitment to role


  • Please submit your resume, along with your writing sample on the following prompt. It can be anywhere between 2 to 4 paragraphs.
  • “Please describe a scene or a series of moments that were significant to you while living in Japan or outside your home country(1-2 paragraphs) and tell me why the experience has been significant to you (1-2 paragraphs).”
  • Please think of this as a mini college essay where you have to tell a unique story of your own and show that you’re capable of reflecting on your own experiences. Think good fiction and let us live your experience, avoid cliches, be creative, engage us.

Hourly compensation is highly competitive for exceptional candidates.

We are always looking for outstanding individuals to join our tutoring and teaching team. All tutors have exceptional academic credentials and/or professional backgrounds, making Tokyo Academics one of the most inspiring educational organizations in Japan…

Who you are

  • Superior record: You have a superior record of performance academically and on standardized examinations (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, A-Levels, etc.). You have subject matter expertise across multiple subjects: math, sciences, English, etc.
  • Professionals: You may also be a current professional and want to teach and inspire students on the side. We have a host of current and former professionals at Tokyo Academics: from research scientists and engineers to finance professionals and management consultants
  • Passion: You have a passion for teaching students and helping them achieve academic goals. You go above and beyond to help and mentor students to reach new educational frontiers. You may have previous teaching, tutoring, coaching, or leadership experience
  • Team player: You are a quick study, an strong and rapid communicator, and an energetic and collaborative team member. You have the ability to self-manage.

What you will be doing

  • Teaching and mentoring highly-driven students both one-on-one and in classes
  • Participating in and developing innovative new courses (e.g. robotics, programming, study strategies)
  • All classes and lessons are conducted in English

Minimum 10 hour per week commitment.

Hourly compensation is highly competitive for exceptional candidates.