Jan 20
The Ultimate Guide to Upper Level SSAT
If you are looking to elevate your education by applying to private/boarding high schools, and eventually, an elite university, you will first need to understand the SSAT.

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Aug 02
Maximizing AP Scores: Tips for International School Students
Scoring high on AP exams is crucial for international students in Tokyo aiming for top US universities. To help ease the challenge, we’ve gathered 6 data-backed strategies to improve AP exam performance.
Aug 02
10 Benefits of Doing Hands-On Science for Students
An increasing number of educators are advocating for hands-on & experiential science learning. But is this learning change justified?
Jul 26
Grade 9&10 Fundamentals: Why Getting a Head Start Matters
How can students ease this transition into their freshman year of high school? Consider getting a head start during the summer.
Jul 26
8 Benefits of Summer Reading for International School Students
Paired with structured academic support, whether through private lessons with a tutor or group English classes, summer reading can help international school students achieve various academic results
Jul 19
Preparing for Higher Education: A Guide for Elementary and Middle School Students in Japan
In this blog, we’ll explore how international students at the elementary and middle school levels can start paving their way to U.S. universities.
Jun 06
Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Prepare for the Digital SAT
We listed 6 reasons why students should use their summer break to study for the Digital SAT

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