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Apr 29
Quick Tips for the Common Application Essay
As many of you kick your essay efforts into high-gear, the head of our Essay Counseling Division, Taka, has two pro-tips on college essays based on current trends in admissions we are seeing.

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Jul 26
Getting into UCLA: Strategies
UCLA admissions rates have dropped significantly over the last few decades. The University of Southern California Los Angeles accepted nearly 75 percent of its applicants in 1980. By 1990, this figure had fallen to the low 40s.
Jul 22
The True Value of a Liberal Arts Degree
A liberal arts education provides a solid foundation in a wide range of subject areas. Students majoring in liberal arts will encounter concepts and subjects from art, science, and mathematics. A liberal arts education equips you with general knowledge and career-relevant skills that can help you succeed in a variety of occupations.
Jul 21
Everything You Need to Know About the SAT
The Scholastic Aptitude Test was the previous name for the SAT. The majority of those who have completed 12 years of education take this standardized test. The test’s objective is to gauge a student’s preparation for college. The College Board is in charge of creating and designing the exam. The SAT is administered in every country.
Feb 21
Harkness Method: Why it’s worth trying
The Harkness Method is a unique learning approach that encourages students to interact and discuss ideas with their classmates in a round or oval table format. This student-centered technique has
May 26
Aoba Japan International School Review
Welcome to our school reviews section. Click inside to learn more!
May 21
Yokohama International School (YIS) Review
Yokohama International School is an international school catering mainly to expatriate families living in and around the Yokohama area. The school educates preschool through 12th grade and while English is