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UCLA Admissions Overview: The Numbers

UCLA Admissions Overview: Event

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the ten campuses that make up the University of California schools. It is recognized as one of the most renowned universities in the world and is ranked among the top 15 public colleges in the US. At the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, and just five miles from the Pacific Ocean, UCLA is known for its superb academics, division 1 athletic program, and vibrant campus culture. It comes as no surprise that UCLA receives more applications than any other university in the country.

Only 15,602 of the 108,877 applicants that submitted applications to UCLA in 2021 were accepted. This translates to a 14.3% acceptance rate at UCLA. This was a decrease from the 16.3% admission rate in 2020. Both early action and early decision are not available to UCLA applicants. Although UCLA has a very low acceptance rate, your chances of being accepted could be higher or lower depending on how strong your application is.

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Acceptance Rate at UCLA

When looking into universities, it’s crucial to analyze the admission rates of each prospective school. The percentage of applicants accepted is known as a college’s acceptance rate. The best universities in the world are quite picky about who they admit as students. The admissions rate is low at UCLA because it is one of the most prominent colleges in the world.

UCLA had a 14.3% admission rate for the upcoming academic year. This translates to roughly 14 admissions for every 100 applications. This was a decrease from the 16.3% admission rate for UCLA in 2020. Thus, UCLA and UC Berkeley are two of the toughest UCs to get into based on the 2021 and 2020 acceptance rates. Early decision dates are not available to applicants at UCLA.

What is UCLA specifically looking for?

In order to be considered, a student must meet a set of requirements for UCLA and the entire UC system. In general, students who attend public schools will fulfill these standards; however, students who attend private schools or are homeschooled should pay special attention to them to ensure they are satisfied.

A candidate must successfully complete a group of 15 courses known as the “A through G topic requirements” in order to be accepted into the UC System. No A-G course requirement for a student may be completed with a grade of less than a C. The following are the courses, numbered A through G:

GPA Requirement for UCLA

What GPA are you required to have to get into UCLA, you might wonder. Candidates for UCLA admission in-state must additionally achieve UCLA’s GPA standards. The minimum GPA for students is 3.0, and the minimum GPA for out-of-state students is 3.4. According to the UCLA acceptance rates for 2020, UCLA is a selective institution. It’s typically a basic necessity to avoid having your application denied right away that you meet the UCLA GPA threshold.

Your understanding of the UCLA GPA requirement will be influenced by looking at the average GPA of accepted applicants. The class of 2025 (batch of 2021) at UCLA had an average high school GPA of 3.9; 47.3% got a 4.0, and 42.2% had a GPA between 3.75 and 3.99.

The question, “What GPA is required at UCLA?” can thus be answered. Keep in mind that you must be at the top of your class to get admitted to UCLA. 

Additionally, if your GPA is below the national average, you’ll probably need to enroll in AP or IB programs to show that you can succeed in advanced coursework.


What ACT and SAT scores must I obtain in order to be accepted to UCLA?

The UCLA (and the entire UC System) will use a test-blind approach until the autumn of 2024, despite the fact that standardized exams are regarded as “vital.” Standardized test results will be accepted as part of your application to determine if you are eligible for the California Statewide Admissions Guarantee or as a substitute method of completing the minimum requirements. UCLA is test-blind, therefore they won’t base admissions decisions on the outcomes of standardized tests. Results from standardized tests are important at other universities, but they aren’t particularly significant at UCLA.


Getting into UCLA: Admissions Advice

  1. Keep your GPA at 3.9 while enrolling in the most challenging classes available.

The class of 2025 had a minimum UCLA GPA requirement of 3.9, with 47.3 percent earning a perfect 4.0. Simply said, UCLA considers excellent grades to be “extremely crucial” for making admissions decisions, and they are a requirement for admission. You must also meet the academic requirements of the university as well as the Academic Index criterion in order to attend UCLA.

Highly selective universities with a substantial number of applications use the Academic Index as a criterion. The Academic Index makes it straightforward for admissions staff to identify applicants who do not meet the academic criteria of an institution by combining an applicant’s whole academic record into a single number.

However, it is insufficient to simply know the response to the question, “What GPA do you need to get into UCLA?” It takes more than just good grades to impress a prestigious college like UCLA; you must have excelled in the most challenging courses. Candidates for top ten universities, such as UCLA, will usually have taken up to 12 AP classes.

  1. Participate in Tier 1-2 extracurricular activities.

UCLA considers extracurricular activities to be “essential” when making admissions decisions. The top institutions seek for students who have one or two areas of expertise and who have demonstrated leadership or competence in those areas. Another great way to get the attention of admissions authorities is to demonstrate a well-developed interest.

The idea of “four tiers of extracurriculars” is a straightforward way to comprehend how a college regards a particular activity:

  •        Tier 1 activities are the most significant; they are uncommon, stand for greatness, success, and leadership, and they are rare. Tier 1 activities include things like enrolling in a prestigious merit-based summer program or winning a national award.
  •        Tier 2 actions demonstrate excellence, accomplishment, and leadership. Nevertheless, they are more common and have a less significant impact than Tier 1 activities, such as receiving a regional award, being recognized at the state level in music or athletics.
  •        Tier 3 extracurriculars frequently appear on applications and lack the distinction found in higher tier activities. Being the captain of a varsity team or holding a position of leadership in a well-known organization are examples of Tier 3 activities.
  •        Tier 4 activities are the ones that admissions authorities pay the least attention to. Tier 4 activities include, for example, involvement in a sport or organization as well as general volunteer work.


Write Compelling Essays

The best way to set yourself apart from other candidates is with an essay. UCLA places a high importance on essays and considers them to be “particularly significant” in the admissions process. UCLA applicants are offered eight questions, four of which are required to be answered. You should give each of the four essays you write for UCLA a lot of thought and consideration. If you can show the admissions committee that you are serious about attending UCLA on your application, they might be persuaded to consider you for admission.

Begin writing your UCLA essays as soon as possible so that you have time to rework and obtain feedback.

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