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The Complete Prep Guide For College Application

It takes time and effort to get ready for college, so don’t take it lightly. You’ll learn what high school students of all grade levels should be doing in today’s post to get ready for the college application season.

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College Readiness

Seniors, pay attention! Even though it may feel like college is far off in the future, it will actually arrive rather quickly. What steps can you take, then, to make sure you’re ready to submit your college application(s) when the time comes? It may surprise you to learn that there are specific actions teenagers may take during each year of high school to lessen the pressure of the college application process. Let’s look more closely.

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Freshman Year - 9th Grade

High school students should schedule a meeting with their guidance counselor in the fall of their first year to go through their goals and potential college and career options. This knowledge will make it easier to decide what kinds of classes—such as college-prep and tech-prep—students should enroll in throughout high school to best prepare them for the future.

High school students should devote some time to extracurricular activities throughout their first year (and every year, for that matter). When the time comes, involvement in sports, clubs, and groups can look good on a college application and provide students with valuable experiences.

A grade matters! Students should strive to achieve their highest academic potential. Many first-year students are unaware of how crucial it is to build and maintain a solid GPA right away.

It’s never too early to consider or discuss attending college. Freshmen should seize every chance to learn as much as they can about colleges and jobs. To ensure that everyone is on the same page right away, they should also discuss potential future plans and financial aid issues with their parents.

Sophomore Year - 10th Grade

High school students might think about signing up for the PSAT (Preliminary SAT), which is administered yearly in early to mid-October. The PSAT measures college readiness, prepares students for the upcoming SAT, and puts them in the running for potential scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program—all of which can be useful before and during the college application season. However, the test is not typically required for tenth graders and is frequently taken in eleventh grade.

The tenth grade is the ideal year for students to intensify their research into potential universities and occupations, as well as start getting comfortable with the college application procedure. College websites, guidance counselors, and older friends or family members who are now enrolled in or have completed college can all be very beneficial. Students can get in touch with prospective universities if they have any questions about their admissions policies, academic offerings, or tuition costs.

High school students should start preparing for the major exams that are frequently administered in eleventh grade towards the conclusion of their sophomore year and the summer after. Online resources abound for practical ACT and SAT exam preparation.

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Junior Year - 11th Grade

In eleventh grade, the college preparation process really picks up. High school students should sign up to take the PSAT in October if they haven’t already done so before the start of their junior year. Among other benefits, this test offers excellent SAT preparation, as was previously indicated.

Juniors should begin defining their goals for the future in order to get ready for the college application season. This entails making lists of potential professions and educational institutions, then learning everything you can about them. While attending college fairs or college nights might offer the ideal opportunity to meet with college officials and arrange campus visits, job shadowing is a wonderful approach to determine whether a particular career sector is the correct match.

High school students should find out which standardized tests each college demands throughout their study and then sign up for them. Many juniors take the ACT and/or SAT in the winter or spring, giving them time to retake the exams if their initial results aren’t what they expected.

Students in the eleventh grade should learn everything they can about financial aid. The topic of finances and the potential for student loans for education should also be covered. It’s wise to start your scholarship quest in the spring of your junior year.

Senior Year - 12th Grade

College is just around the corner once senior year rolls around. High school students should take the ACT or SAT now if they haven’t already.

Seniors should keep considering what they want in a college, start drafting their college application essays, and start approaching their high school instructors or other reputable people for letters of recommendation.

Students should be sure to keep track of all crucial deadlines for college application submissions. Since not all schools follow the same calendar, it is essential to keep a thorough record of important events to ensure that none are omitted or forgotten. Seniors should use this knowledge to apply early to the universities they want most in order to increase their chances of acceptance.

Twelve-year-old high school students should prioritize completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The amount and types of financial help that prospective college students are qualified for are determined by this thorough form. Since the FAFSA can be completed as early as October 1, there is plenty of time to finalize financial aid arrangements before the start of the next fall’s academic year.


Finishing the process

See? There are a ton of activities high school students of all levels may engage in to get ready for the college application season. Although there may seem to be a lot of stages, organizing them by year helps make the process much more manageable.

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