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Sample Letter to Give to Recommending Teachers

Sample Letter to Give to Recommending Teachers

It is beneficial to give your teachers background information when they consent to write you letters of recommendation. To accomplish this, send a note to each of your teachers outlining the universities you are applying to, the due dates for each letter of recommendation, and a few key topics you want them to emphasize. Remember, they are not required to write these letters, so please thank them for their time. Here is a sample letter from a student to a teacher confirming a request for a recommendation letter that you can use for guidance:

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An example note to give teachers who will be recommending you


Hello, Mrs. [teacher’s last name]

I’m grateful you agreed to compose a college recommendation letter for me.

I’ve already stated that I’m applying to eight colleges. You can submit a single copy of your recommendation letter for all six colleges that accept the Common App by logging into the “Recommender” area of the Common Application website (https://www.commonapp.org/Login). I’ve provided postage-paid envelopes for each recommendation letter for submission to the other two colleges. The deadline for UNC-Chapel Hill’s letter of reference is October 15th, and I’m applying for Early Action. I’m submitting normal decision applications to the remaining schools, and the deadline for recommendation letters is January 1st.

I wanted you to be my recommender since I enjoyed your AP English class, and you know of my academic prowess. I’d love it if you emphasized my performance in your class in your letter of recommendation (since the guidance counselor is writing a letter to discuss some of my extramural endeavors). To get you going, I want to point out a few instances when I think I excelled:

  • I sent in a draft of a research paper in which I examined the key themes in “The Great Gatsby.” You shredded the first draft, and I spent a lot of time revising the finished product in response to your suggestions. I then received an A- on the paper, one of the best grades in the class.
  • I assumed a leadership position for the group assignment where we studied and presented on a topic for the most recent presidential campaign to ensure that all work was finished on schedule and to a high standard. When you asked us to rate each of our teammates, I received very high evaluations (an average of 9/10).
  • I offered to lead the class discussion on John Donne’s “The Flea,” which developed into a heated argument over its interpretation.
  • I volunteered as a tutor in your class, working with a few kids after school to help them proofread their papers.

I hope these points will be helpful when you draft the recommendation but feel free to concentrate on additional aspects of my class performance that you believe are more important. Once more, I want to say how much I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have or if I can help in any way.


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