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Ivy League Universities: Ultimate List

Ivy League Universities: Ultimate List

Ivy League colleges are among the top universities and are considered among the most prestigious. The eight universities are Yale University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and Brown University..

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Brown College

Brown University, the seventh-oldest college in the US, was established in 1764 and is situated in the picturesque city of Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to offering undergraduate and graduate programs, the independent, coeducational Brown University also houses the Alpert Medical School, School of Public Health, School of Engineering, and School of Professional Studies.

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Columbia College

Columbia has been a pioneer in higher learning domestically and internationally for more than 250 years. Its dedication to enlisting and attracting the brightest minds in the search for knowledge, ground-breaking scientific advancements, and societal service lies at the heart of its broad range of scholarly studies.

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Cornell College

Cornell is a research institution with private funding that collaborates with the State University of New York. Cornell believes they have a duty—unique in the Ivy League—to contribute in all areas of knowledge with a focus on public involvement in order to enhance the standard of living in their state, the country, and the world. They are the federal land-grant university in New York State.

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Dartmouth University

Dartmouth, an Ivy League school established in 1769, consistently ranks as one of the top universities in the world. The Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer School of Engineering, and Tuck School of Business are Dartmouth’s top three professional schools. Dartmouth has developed a distinctive identity by fusing its deep commitment to outstanding undergraduate liberal arts and graduate education with illustrious research and scholarships in the Arts & Sciences.

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Harvard College

The mission of Harvard University is to cultivate leaders who make a difference in the world through excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Over 20,000 degree candidates are enrolled at the university, which has campuses in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. These students are undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. More than 360,000 Harvard graduates reside all around the world.

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Princeton College

Princeton is the fourth-oldest college in the US, having been founded in 1746. Twenty presidents have served as the institution’s leaders from the time of the early colonies until the present.

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University of Pennsylvania

Students at the University of Pennsylvania Penn establish the intellectual ties necessary for success in a complicated, ever-changing environment. Students cultivate flexible, well-rounded brains by working with instructors across a flexible curriculum encompassing four undergraduate and 12 graduate schools. Because of the resources’ close proximity, it is commonplace at Penn to think and learn across departments and disciplines. Penn is fuelled by an open and never-ending interchange of ideas, from cutting-edge dual degree programs that transcend established academic boundaries to a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and sciences.

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University of Yale

Since the institution’s establishment in 1701, Yale has been committed to advancing and disseminating knowledge, igniting creativity, and protecting knowledge for future generations.

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