Jan 05

Introduction to Essay Writing

What qualities must an essay have?

An academic essay seeks to persuade readers of a point of view using supporting data.

  • A task or question should be addressed in an academic essay.
  • A thesis statement (the question’s resolution) and an argument should be included.
  • It should attempt to convey or debate a topic; for example, it should develop a thesis through a number of closely linked arguments supported by logic and proof.
  • An academic essay should contain pertinent illustrations, substantiating data, and details from scholarly texts or reliable sources.

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Basic essay writing procedures

Even if there are a few fundamental steps to creating an assignment, writing an essay is not a straightforward task. In the process of writing an essay, you might go through each step more than once. For instance, if you come across another helpful text, you might return to the reading and note-taking phase, or you might reread to find a specific piece of information.


  • Potential actions (With no particular sequence)
  • Examine the issue and define the terminology.
  • Create a potential thesis or point of view.
  • Study the subject. For information and proof, consult books, journals, and other reputable academic sources.
  • Make a note of what you read.
  • Organize your thoughts and write an essay strategy.
  • Create your introduction, body, and conclusion in the first draft.
  • After a day or two, go back and make adjustments to the draft.
  • Get some input by having a friend, parent, or coworker read it.
  • Rewrite and edit your paper.
  • Complete or finalize your citations and references.
  • Finalize your work, then submit it.

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