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FAQs: Boarding School Experience

FAQs: Boarding School Experience

Your youngster will inevitably inquire about boarding school life while you are considering boarding schools. Your child follows a pattern at home and at school, after all. But that pattern will change in their new boarding school. They will undoubtedly be worried. Always get informed responses to specific inquiries from the admissions staff of their new school. Here are some answers to a lot of the queries your child might ask:

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Can I use my mobile devices?

Is my smartphone permitted at school? McCallie provides a standard response to this question in its handbook, saying that students are encouraged to use technology with politeness and good judgment. By the way, most of the answers to your inquiries are in the school handbook. All rules and guidelines listed in the school handbook will be discussed during orientation. Generally, it is not allowed to send or receive texts and emails or make phone calls in dining halls, classrooms, or other public areas.


Can I bring my own tablet and laptop?

Acceptable Use Policies are in place at boarding schools to regulate student computer use. These rules will be covered in detail during orientation. So that your child is aware of the repercussions of breaking these rules, discuss them with him.


May I bring my gerbils?

You can only bring your dogs to a small number of schools. But you’ll see that the academics and staff frequently have cats and dogs in their homes. Those creatures typically make excellent buddies with everyone. Therefore, even if you miss your pets back home, you will have some new animal companions at school.


Can I bring my vehicle?

Students may drive their autos to some boarding institutions. These schools frequently demand a contract outlining the obligations and stringent guidelines you and your child must follow for everyone’s safety.


Can I return home for the holidays?

You can usually get your request to go home for a religious observance granted by most schools.


Is there a time by which I must be in bed?

Yes! Depending on the grade you are in, the times change. If you are in the 12th grade, you will typically need to be in your room by 8 p.m. with lights out at 11 p.m. or a little later.


Is it okay for me to leave campus?

Yes. You will be subject to the institution’s specific policies and guidelines when outside the campus. There will be clear guidelines on what you can and cannot do if a school is in a town or just a short walk from a town. You have to have parental consent before leaving the campus.


Can I return home on the weekends?

Parental consent and administrative staff approval are necessary, much like for trips into town or other nearby off-campus activities.


What happens if I become ill?

Healthcare providers are on-call and on duty at boarding schools. You will be looked after in the medical facilities on campus if your illness is not critical. If the problem is significant, you will be permitted to miss class to receive treatment at a center of your parent’s choosing.


Do I have to wear a uniform?

You may be required to wear a uniform at some residential institutions. However, most boarding schools have a dress code of what is acceptable to wear and when.


What kind of social life will I have?

The curricula of coed schools have already incorporated numerous social activities. The majority of single-sex schools will have a connection to a brother or sister school. Your youngster will always be appropriately supervised.


Can I bring my own sports equipment?

Yes. You will be encouraged to bring your own equipment.


Can I bring my horse?

You will probably be fortunate if your child’s school offers an equestrian program and stables. Make those preparations early because available space is frequently limited.

Can I take music lessons?

The majority of schools will be supportive in connecting you with local music teachers and personnel so that you can continue your musical training. Again, make those plans beforehand to avoid miscommunications.


Can my uncle and I go out to dinner?

As stated earlier, your child must have your written consent before leaving the school grounds. So tell nearby relatives and acquaintances to avoid dropping by your child’s school and expecting to pick her up. Make the necessary preparations in advance by calling the school.


Can I get things delivered to the school?

Most colleges will provide you with a shipping address for packages and the location of a shipping business that can handle trunks and other large items.


How am I going to the airport?

When breaks and vacations start, the school will hire transportation services to take pupils to the airport, bus stop, and train station.


Handbooks from coed, boys’ and girls’ boarding schools

These manuals are from Madeira School, McCallie School, and Lawrenceville School. Even though your child may not attend any of these schools, the information in these handbooks generally represents what you and your child will experience at her new school. Spend some time thoroughly reading and discussing your child’s school handbook. Ensure your child is aware of the new guidelines that will affect day-to-day activities at school. Your child won’t be able to cite “I didn’t know” as a defense for breaking the rules. Since you and your child are legally bound by the agreement you signed with the school, discipline will be swift. Contract law takes precedence over constitutional rights as a whole.

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