Nov 14

Best Tech Careers For Creative People

Best Tech Careers For Creative People
Want to exercise your creativity?

It’s a frequent misconception that computer occupations just call for technical and analytical skills, yet creativity has always been important in the field. The ability to solve problems, innovate, explore, and more are some of the most crucial creative skills needed in tech employment.

Tech may be what you’re searching for if you’re a recent graduate wondering what career you may pursue with your creative degree or if you’re interested in switching to a more creative career.

Here are seven computer jobs that are ideal for creative people, along with the skills required and their typical wages, as reported by Glassdoor Canada!

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Digital Marketer

Digital marketers contribute to the creation of marketing initiatives that boost brand recognition and/or drive sales of goods and services. People in these positions constantly use their creative faculties to develop fresh approaches to pique the interest of customers. To carry out campaigns, digital marketers frequently work together with graphic designers and creatives from various departments.

Average compensation for a digital marketer: $59,240


Website Designer

Web designers’ primary duty is to make a website visually appealing to users. Conceptualizing fonts, color schemes, and other elements is part of this process. Web designers are expected to continually use their creativity, so they must have a natural eye for design as well as keep up with best practices. Along with creative abilities, understanding of wireframes and commonly used coding languages (such as HTML5/CSS and Javascript) is advantageous.

Average pay for web designers is $54,077.


Website Developer

A web developer’s daily tasks include thinking of innovative ways to code websites. In these positions, engineers collaborate with web designers to make sure the website they’ve produced is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. The Web Development Bootcamp at Juno College offers the specialized training required for a career as a Web Developer, including knowledge of coding languages like HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript, React, responsive design, wireframing, and more.

The average pay for web developers is $61,033, however certain senior roles can earn over $100,000.



Pixar films aren’t the only works that animators have produced, as wonderful as they are! Various moving images are produced by digital animators for use on websites, in movies, on television, in videos, and on other digital platforms. Animators frequently work as a part of bigger digital or creative teams and are familiar with the fundamentals of graphic design. Aspiring animators must be familiar with software like Adobe After Effects and Animate.

Average salary for animators: $58,316


UX Designer

Understanding user behavior on a website is crucial to maintaining their interest. Employing UX designers helps businesses make sure that customers can easily utilize their websites. UX designers must be creative if they want to collaborate with web designers on the development and upkeep of a website. Typography, graphics, and layout are UI (user interface) design components that UX designers should be familiar with. 

Average pay for UX designers is $77,090


Mobile Application Developer

Given the sophistication of smartphones, 90% of internet users worldwide access the internet through their phones, according to Statista. There will be a demand for mobile app developers after this surge. Because conceptualization and design play a significant role in the process of developing an app, creatives are in high demand for these positions.

Average pay for mobile application developers is $72,695.


Graphic Designer

Numerous businesses use graphic designers to create and design a variety of products, including social media posts, packaging, and broader advertising campaigns. People who work as graphic designers must continually display their inventiveness. For anyone wishing to enter the sector, having experience with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) is a wonderful place to start.

Average compensation for graphic designers: $48,866