Nov 21

5 Best Steps to Encourage Your Child to Write

5 Best Steps to Encourage Your Child to Write

Is your kid interested in writing, either for leisure or even as a career? If so, read this blog post for suggestions on how you may support your child at home.

1. Beginning Young

In case you weren’t aware, April 10th is “Encourage a Young Writer Day”! Writing is a fun and practical activity that can support achievement in a variety of professional and personal undertakings. Encourage and help your young writer if they demonstrate to enjoy this practice. Here are our best suggestions for inspiring and motivating the young writers in your life

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2. Give access to books

A person cannot write without first reading and comprehending what it is about a book that he or she likes and dislikes. As a result, facilitating your child writer’s entry into the literary world is one of the finest methods to ensure that he or she always has access to books and other printed materials from which to learn and feel inspired.

Get your youngster a library card, for instance. Pick and select some novels you both believe could be interesting while visiting the library. Give books to your child as gifts, talk to them about your favorite books and why you like them. Discuss the books that they are reading. Help your aspiring author identify any literary techniques that they would like to employ in their writing. These programs will guarantee that your aspiring writer’s mind is active and engaged.

3. Give them opportunities to write

The most crucial thing an aspiring author can do to enhance their writing ability and enjoy their new hobby is to simply write. By purchasing a journal and recommending that your child writes on it on a regular basis, you can inspire young writers. You may even go as far as to give your child the responsibility of producing a weekly or monthly family newsletter that the entire household will love to read. You could also journal with them before you put them to bed, and propose writing prompts and narrative ideas. Your kid won’t ever run out of topics to write about if you do this.

4. Congratulate them

Young people simply experiment when they write. Your feedback on your child’s writing should always be encouraging.

The best method to motivate your child to keep up their creative endeavors is to say something like, “What a terrific habit you’re taking up!” Limit criticism when your child is just learning because it could be demoralizing. Instead, make sure your budding author understands the importance of writing and how glad you are that they are doing so.

5. Find others who Share Your Views

If you are a writer yourself, this is a wonderful chance to connect with your child via a passion you both share and support them along the way. If not, finding another person your youngster can relate to and talk about their work with can be a good idea.

Perhaps a friend or member of your family is interested in writing? Maybe a classmate of your child has also expressed the same interest? If not, think about enrolling your kid in a creative writing class, whether it’s given by their school or somewhere else. Giving your aspiring author the chance to share his or her enthusiasm with others will be very motivating. Tokyo Academics provides courses on debate, critical thinking, and persuasive writing. You can learn more about it here

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