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4 Crucial Differences: College vs Scholarship Essays

4 Crucial Differences: College vs Scholarship Essays

A lot of work goes into the college application process. Additionally, you might consider submitting a scholarship application to lessen the financial load of your tuition and other costs. Essays are required for many scholarship applications, in addition to the ones you already write for your college applications.

What makes a difference, then? The same essay or certain passages from it may be used for both purposes. Find out by reading on.

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The Distinctions

  1. Goal

The admission committee can learn more about a student’s personality through their college essays. They are interested in your potential contributions as well as how well you will fit within their institution and student group. Because of this, your tone must indicate that you will fit in well at the school and that you are aware of what this entails. 

Scholarship selection committees are, in the meantime, looking for students who will effectively represent the organization’s interests and speak up for them. The students to whom they offer scholarships must also uphold these beliefs because these organizations frequently align with and encourage specific talents, sectors, demographics, or causes. For instance, there are scholarships available for STEM scholars, Hispanic/Latino students, and first-generation college students. You must show in your essay that you support the organization’s mission.

To summarize: When writing your college essay, you mst make sure you show that you fit in with the institution. When writing your scholarship essay, you must show you share the same beliefs as the organization does. 

  1. Topic

Common or Coalition applications are widely used by universities, and their questions are frequently fairly general. Additionally, you can choose the subject. Many institutions also need school-specific supplemental essays, which may have somewhat more focused topics like “why you want to attend this particular school,” among others.

Scholarship application questions are typically more detailed and concentrated on the organization and its goals. For instance, the Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship from Digital Responsibility encourages you to finish the sentence “I commit to not text and drive because…” in 140 characters.

  1. Method

How to start writing such essays? You’ll need to conduct some thinking to come up with broad ideas that will serve as the foundation of your statement because college essays are about you and how you’ll fit in at the institution.

When it comes to scholarships essays, you should show that you agree with the institution’s philosophy.Information is key. To comprehend that concept and adopt the organization’s goals, you must conduct some research. Frequently, you may learn a lot by simply looking at the organization’s website and social media profiles, where you can find stories and illustrations of ongoing and completed projects.

  1. How long are those essays?

Essays for college are typically longer. The Coalition Application permits between 300 and 550 words for its major essay, but the Common App has a 650-word maximum.

The average length of scholarship essays is under 500 words. Sometimes, as in the case of the Don’t Text and Drive example, the essays are even shorter. Of course, some scholarships don’t even ask for essays.

The Similarities


Your essays for schools and scholarships should both reflect who you are and what you believe in. Although scholarship essays typically focus on a cause supported by the organization sponsoring the award, if you’re applying for one, you should share their convictions. It should go without saying that you should also be the one to write the essays.


Your essays must be well written. Along with adhering to grammatical standards, you should use rhetorical devices and other linguistic tools. Verify all of your essays and seek out second perspectives. It is also very important to use a broad vocabulary. Tokyo Academics has an incredible vocabulary program that would definitely help you write an amazing essay.


The Bottom Line for College Essays and Scholarship Essays

Ultimately, both admissions committees and scholarship selection committees want to learn more about you through your writing. Put in the effort to really comprehend the institution or organization and truly express your authentic self. It truly matters!

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