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2022 College Essay Topics and Prompts

2022 College Essay Topics and Prompts

Here are some of the most original and entertaining questions for short essays and college application questions.

Many high school students who plan to attend college are working diligently on their college applications now that the Common Application is open. Many colleges might additionally demand supplements that contain some thoughtful – and downright bizarre – essay prompts and short response questions in addition to the core Common App essay. Mastering good creative writing techniques and having eloquent vocabulary is essential to write a good answer. Our vocabulary program is here to help out with that. You can find out more about it on this link.

These creative essay questions are aimed to test pupils and add a little fun to the college application process. Students enjoy writing on the subjects that are important to them. However, many students may find it difficult to respond to these unusual essay prompts because many of them are so out-of-the-box. It’s crucial that students use their imagination and ask for feedback when they need it.

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Strange College Essay Topics

Here are a few of our picks for original college essay questions from the 2021–2022 application cycle:

Dartmouth College: The Hawaiian word mo’olelo, which is frequently translated as “story,” can also be used to refer to history, legend, genealogy, and tradition. Choose one of these translations to introduce yourself

Emory University: Which fictional or non-fictional character, song, speech, or other piece of art appears tailor-made for you? Why?

Princeton University: What music serves as the current soundtrack to your life? 

Chicago University: What’s so simple about pie? —Inspired by 2025 class member Arjun Kalia

Villanova University: What do you know to be true?

Yale College: You are a new Yale professor. What’s the name of your course?

Stanford University: What historical event or moment do you wish you could have seen?

Wake Forest University: Please share your list of the top ten.

Rice University: The Rice Box: In keeping with Rice’s long-standing custom, please send a picture of anything that appeals to you.

University of Southern California: Which famous person or fictitious character would make the perfect roommate?

Pomona College: Marvel or DC? Coke or Pepsi? TikTok or Instagram? Which side do you choose, and what is your favorite “this or that” (you are not limited to these three examples)?

College of Richmond: Tell us about your most unique talent and how you’ve used it to benefit others.

Chapman University: What song should we be listening to as we read your application?

Spend some time carefully planning, drafting, and editing your solutions to the additional essay prompts and short answer questions because they are equally significant as your personal statement. Don’t just complete these quickly since they seem simple. Be considerate and make an effort to learn something new about yourself.

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