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10 High School Research Opportunities: Psychology

Psychology is a very fascinating field that offers many exciting prospects for research. Students frequently encounter the issue of searching through lengthy lists of research opportunities to find an opportunity that precisely relate to their interest in psychology. We give 10 research possibilities in the domain of psychology for high school students in this list. Some of these courses have a tuition fee, while others are free.

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Here are 10 chances for high school students to conduct psychology-related research:


  1. Boston University’s Experimental Psychology Immersion Program

Rising juniors and seniors are eligible for this two-week program. As part of their psychology training, students will attend seminars and learn how to plan and carry out research projects. Under the guidance of BU teachers, you’ll work in teams to plan and conduct your own experiments. Teams gather data in the field, analyze it, and then present their results to teachers and peers at the program’s conclusion.

Application costs are $50.

  1. Gettysburg College’s Camp Psych

Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for this 5-day virtual program. The dates for this year are July 11–15, 2022. The course consists of roughly 17.5 hours of live sessions through Zoom and is intended for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The majority of the week will be spent by the students in small groups, with a few larger whole camp sessions sprinkled in. There will be lectures, debates, exercises, and demonstrations during each session. College, careers, and research-related questions will be addressed by the instructors.

Application costs are $350

  1. EXPLO Neuroscience and Psychology

In EXPLO Psychology + Neuroscience, students investigate the diagnostic methods employed by psychologists and gain knowledge from top authorities on the application of psychology to the questioning of criminal suspects. Additionally, they finish an original research project and get input from professionals in clinical psychology, behavioral neuroscience, criminal psychology, and organizational psychology. Students present their research to experienced clinicians at the Brain Summit Symposium at the end of the class period, and they receive comments. Students enrolled in the program must be in grades 10 through 12.

Application costs are $3,250

  1. Social Psychology Pre-College Accelerated Online Semester at Syracuse University

The eight-week pre-college course is instructed by SU teachers and instructors, and classes are formatted similarly to those found in traditional colleges. Juniors, seniors, and rising sophomores are all eligible for the program. The course serves as an introduction to experimental social psychology. The study on social influence, conformity, social perception, attitude changes, small groups, and collective behavior will be discussed in class with the students.

Application costs are $695

  1. Summer Science Institute at Bethel College

The Summer Science Institute provides chances to take part in psychological research studies. Open to students entering grades 10 through 12, the institute. Students will learn about data collection, hypothesis testing, using statistical software, writing programming, etc. in addition to their field.

Application costs are $20

  1. Program for High School Scientific Training and Enrichment (HiSTEP)

HiSTEP aims to increase the pool of students interested in biomedical and healthcare vocations by giving high school students more chances. Current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for the program. The range of the scientific endeavor, the significance of biomedical research, and numerous STEM-M jobs will all be examined by HiSTEP students. For the five-week program, students will receive a stipend of $2150.

Application costs are zero

  1. The RTURP Program (Recruitment and Training for Under-Represented Populations)

For students who are interested in the scientific underpinnings of drug abuse, there is an intramural program called the Recruitment & Training Program for Under-represented Populations that offers training possibilities. Students from underrepresented groups who attend classes and participate in the Intramural Research Program are given priority in the program (IRP).

Application costs are zero

  1. Psychology in Daily Life at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Students will learn about fundamental psychological concepts, general ideas, and straightforward research methods in this program. Students will work on a project for a week in which they can gather data, use Jamovi software for statistical analysis, and present their findings to peers. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to interact with instructors and graduate students at Illinois Tech who have distinct expertise and learn from them. Students entering grades 10 through 12 are eligible for the program.

Application costs are $795

  1. Immersion in Clinical Neuroscience

Stanford University offers an intense summer program called the Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience (CNI-X). The high school sophomore, junior, or senior years are the only ones that qualify. Participants will attend a two-week session that offers an introduction to exciting issues in psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience as well as the chance to finish a group research project.

Application costs are $2590

  1. UChicago Immersion

The University of Chicago offers in-depth preview courses in the subject of psychology as well as research in that area. Students who are currently in their freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school are eligible to enroll in the 10-week course. The age requirement for students at the time of application is 14. The program provides classes in learning psychology and developmental psychology.

Application costs are $7,775

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