Summer & Extracurricular Counseling

For college admissions, what students do outside the classroom are often just as important as their studies. Tokyo Academics guides students through a range of academic, extracurricular, and summer program opportunities available to identify options that will best challenge students and help them explore their own interests and passions.

In this counseling session, students will…

  • Identify their personal goals and passions and find relevant extracurricular and summer opportunities to build upon those interests
  • Learn about academic programs, volunteer opportunities, internships, or independent projects that can give their application a competitive edge
  • Develop a timeline to ensure that students fulfill all relevant requirements and deadlines for their selected programs
  • Plan for long-term success and growth within campus clubs, sports teams, or programs

Session Flow

Who should register?

Students in 9th through 11th grade who…

  • Want to strategically maximize their summer breaks to bolster their applications
  • Need to learn more about potential opportunities for extracurricular development and involvement
  • Wish to identify personal passions and avenues to pursue those passions in meaningful ways
  • Aim to mobilize their skills and interests into résumé-building activities and leadership positions

After this session, students often register for…

College Counseling

Academic Advising

Plan your high school course schedule and study plan

College Counseling

Essay & Personal Statement

Brainstorm, draft, and perfect your application essays

College Counseling

Résumé & Interview

Draft your résumé and prepare for alumni interviews