Major & Career Counseling

Using the Strong Interest Inventory, this 90-minute session provides students with a solid foundation to identify personal values, interests, and passions; explore majors and career trajectories; and plan ahead for the overall college admissions process to study their major interests and career goals.

In this counseling session, students will…

  • Identify potential majors that align with their interests and passions
  • Name potential extracurricular activities, opportunities, and resources to hone and capitalize on their interests, habits, and personal preferences
  • Match their academic interests, learning styles, and personal preferences to the college search process
  • Outline a plan of action to strengthen their college applications and awareness of options for post-secondary study

Session Flow

Who should register?

Students in 9th through 12th grade who…

  • Are undecided regarding their academic and career interests
  • Have a wide range of interests, both academically and personally
  • Wish to hone their academic strengths and focus on their career goals
  • Want to jump-start their college search process with psychologically-backed research and resources

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