Academic Advising

Academic Counseling services are designed to help students organize and strategize in order to make the most of their high school career. Whether you’re seeking help in planning out a competitive IB Diploma course load, learning how to increase productivity, or strategizing around securing the best teacher recommendation letters for college applications, our counselors are equipped to help.

In this counseling session, students will…

  • Strategically map out potential high school course schedules based on their goals for college
  • Gain insight into course selection with regards to rigor, balance, and college appeal
  • Set goals to graduate with a competitive high school transcript and GPA
  • Receive customized tools, mentorship, and accountability to address obstacles to academic success and improve academic performance
  • Discuss building and mobilizing teacher relationships for recommendation letters and academic support

Session Flow

Who should register?

Students in 9th through 12th grade who…

  • Wish to plan their course trajectory to maximize their competitive edge when applying for college
  • Feel overwhelmed or confused by their schools’ scheduling options or limitations
  • Aim to improve their grades, academic performance, and study skills before college
  • Need guidance on forming mentoring relationships and securing strong letters of recommendation

After this session, students often register for…

College Counseling

Summers & Extracurriculars

Identify and apply for summer or involvement opportunities

Test Preparation

SAT Verbal

Improve your score on the Reading and Writing & Language sections of the SAT

Test Preparation

SAT Math

Improve your score on the Mathematics sections of the SAT