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Travelling? Take a look at TA’s travel tips.

During this holiday season, many instructors, students, and parents were traveling. We’ve compared notes about the best ways to pass or make use of the time in transit, irrespective of where you’re coming and going to.

  • Justin – While you’re in transit: Put your work away “Trying to be productive while on a plane is going to be difficult. Between the change in air pressure, the dark lighting, and the cramped conditions in both economy and business class, working on a laptop is going to be an exercise in futility. Instead, try to rest or do something which requires less cognitive load (catch up on reading). It’s better to be rested at the end of a 10 hour flight and be immediately productive at your destination than it is to arrive tired and have sub-par work product coming off the plane.”
  • Varun – While you’re in transit: Don’t eat airplane food “Don’t eat airplane food.”
  • Douglas – When you’re there: Attune with tunes “Start by meditating to clear your mind so that you can be mentally present for your travel plans. To be doubly sure you are mentally present, use Air Plane Mode while with friends and family. However, you will probably need WiFi for my favorite part of travel: music. Sharing music with friends and family expands my library and gives me a reason to listen to old tracks. While alone, you can jam to your favorite tunes, or some new ones, as you view natural wonders, walk through cities, or relax in foreign lands. Overall, travel is a way to disconnect from the routine and connect with friends, family, and, most importantly, yourself.”
  • Ash – When you’re there: Find a workspace “I don’t know about everybody, but I cannot do work when I’m in a hotel room, airbnb, or visiting my family, mostly because I see those as ‘rest and relaxation’ areas. I always find it easier to work in places I personally designate as ‘workspaces.’ Find a nice cafe, a quiet library, or a business center or lounge where you actually buckle down and get some work done.”
  • Taka – When you’re there: Walk “In the true spirit of a flâneur, I walk A LOT. That way I get the much needed exposure to sunlight for jet lag management—and it’s a lot easier to stay awake while you’re on the move. Another important reason is walking allows you to experience the destination more viscerally than by other means of transportation. I try NOT to have a list of things to do or visit—maybe one or two, and no more—to leave myself open to the kind of amazing surprise discoveries traveling is all about.”

With school starting back up in less than a week, we hope all of you enjoy and make the most of your travel time!