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“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, helps you think better, and creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains…” -Bill Gates

Coding has become one of the most important skills for students to acquire in the 21st century – valuable in fields from robotics to arts and culture. We prioritize a hands-on approach at TA, helping students walk through the basic theoretical understandings of coding through software platforms, and moving on to practical applications through robotics.

Our aim is to create skilled and knowledgeable programmers with the ability and confidence to undertake their own projects, and realize their own ideas.


Coding is becoming a core skill of the 21st century, whether you are interested in academics, research, a career, or even design and art! We teach coding to students by engaging them through hardware as well as pure software platforms. Our classes develop a foundation of programming capability, not just short exposures to diverse topics.

Whether you are interested in studying Python, C++, Swift, or anything else, our programming staff, comprised of experienced software engineers, can support you.


Robotics takes technological learning to the next level, blending software engineering and programming with the physical.

Learn how wires, sensors, chipsets, circuitboards, and other physical parts combine with software to create new inventions which interact with the world.

Our robotics team, led by a PhD and professional roboticist, can teach you problem solving, electronics, programming, and more.

Start building your own personal robot revolution today.


Coding is even more engaging when students can see the fruits of their labor in real time. It is all the more fun when the sky is quite literally the limit for what they can accomplish with their work. Here at TA we use the popular, and impressively flexible, game Minecraft to help students understand the basics of coding. Learning to manipulate code, and creating an entire world in the process – what could be more fun?



Classes marked OPEN are open for registration throughout the semester and students are welcome to join at any time. Classes marked CLOSED are no longer open for registration.