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New to Tokyo? Get a smooth start with our landing guide.

Moving is tough. Moving somewhere with a new language, laws, food, transportation, etc. is even tougher. In recent years, Tokyo has become more friendly to first-time residents; however, it still remains a difficult city to get settled into.

Seeing this (and having experienced it firsthand), we at TA have put together a detailed landing guide to make the transitional period smoother for new residents of this city we call home. While this guide was made with new TA staff in mind, it has broader applications for all newcomers to Tokyo.

Sections detailed on the guide include:

  • Items to complete in the first 14 days and first 1-2 months
  • Services for which residents must register
  • Finding housing
  • Setting up utilities and internet
  • Opening a bank account and paying bills
  • Transportation
  • Food and necessities

You can read the downloadable guide in its entirety by clicking the image below.

For those of you new to Tokyo, we hope this guide will help make your transition a bit smoother. For longtime residents, feel free to leave a comment of your experience and advice!

Stay tuned for more advice, opinions, and updates on our academic classes and tutoring services  posted regularly right here on our blog!