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Is there a doctor on the plane? TA truly goes above and beyond.

Is there a doctor on the plane?”

Niko, a TA instructor who recently started medical school at the University of Nevada – Reno, was recently on a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo, when the call went out over the announcement system.

“I didn’t really think I was qualified,” he said later, “but I wanted to do what I could so I identified myself to the flight attendant.”

Reaching the fallen passenger, Niko saw two individuals with EMT training already doing what they could to address the situation. A middle-aged woman had become unconscious and was unresponsive to her daughter she was traveling with. After sheepishly volunteering that he had only been in medical school for 4 months, Niko quickly found himself in charge of stabilizing the passenger.

“I started with the basics: checking blood pressure, heart rate, just to know how bad the situation was.” In front of a concerned galley of passengers and flight staff, Niko began administering oxygen to the fallen passenger. After a few minutes, the woman regained consciousness and eventually returned to her seat, though still in a weakened state.

As he asked her about her past medical history and her medications as he’d learned in school, Niko glanced over to her high school daughter. He knew her. From Tokyo Academics. He’d taught her math! Then he looked back at the woman and realized he’d talked to her numerous times! In the frenzy of activity and excitement around the incident, none of them had recognized the other.

Tokyo Academics has been around for almost 6 years. What we are most proud of is the community of students, parents, and instructors that has flourished over this time.

So as you travel to your next holiday destinations, keep in mind that there might not be a doctor on the plane, but there might very well be a TA instructor. Or someone from the community.

Happy holidays and good health!