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Winners chosen for Tokyo Academics Young Writers’ Essay Competition


Aren Mizuno, a ninth grader at Phillips Exeter Academy, is the winner of the Tokyo Academics’ first Young Writers’ Essay Competition. The runner-up is Yin Lin, a ninth grader at St. Maur International School. Our inaugural competition was open to all citizens and residents of Japan aged 18 and under as of July 1, 2018, and enrolled in school. We asked the question: What is Japan’s role in the international community? Students submitted a number of excellent answers, on subjects from Aibo robotic dogs to the legacy of sakoku. Our tutors selected the winner and runner-up based on the quality of their analysis and research. [...]

Winners chosen for Tokyo Academics Young Writers’ Essay Competition2019-05-19T22:01:33+09:00

Paving the road abroad for Japanese students


While there has been a push for more Japanese students to go abroad for university these past few years, there still remain numerous hurdles and difficulties in doing so. Examples of such hurdles include perceived cost, time commitment, and access to resources and information regarding the application process. To combat these hurdles and make the path easier for prospective students, a group of four students from Japan who had made that arduous jump (Nana, Yuki, Elena, and Christina) joined together to create Ryu-Kit, a comprehensive resource and guide for those looking to continue their studies overseas. The website, set to launch [...]

Paving the road abroad for Japanese students2019-05-19T22:01:33+09:00

New Service: College-Bound Profile (with Strong®)


Tokyo Academics is excited to announce a new service for high school students: the “College-Bound Profile” counseling service. As part of our growing menu of College Admissions Counseling services, this 90-minute session provides students with a solid foundation to identify personal values, interests, and passions; explore majors and career trajectories; and plan for the overall college admissions process.   What is the College-Bound Profile? In a single 90-minute session, students will: Identify potential major/career paths that align with their interests Connect students’ academic interests, work styles, and preferences regarding learning and leisure to high-ranking and best-fit universities and colleges Aid students [...]

New Service: College-Bound Profile (with Strong®)2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

Science Struggles: High School Biology, Physics, and Chemistry


Adapting to science classes can be one of the most difficult adjustments for students to make in high school. Below we’ve listed out aspects that can make the adjustment to these classes difficult and what needs to be focused on for success.   Biology Biology is one of the easiest classes to study the wrong way for. Most students spend hours sitting in front of flash cards when succeeding on the AP Biology Exam requires a whole different skill set in addition to reading and memorization. Students tend to realize this too late in the year, which hurts their score and [...]

Science Struggles: High School Biology, Physics, and Chemistry2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

Introducing TA’s Science Department


The Science Learning Community   Here at Tokyo Academics, we pride ourselves on fostering an innovative learning community where any student can grow into a creative and inquisitive scientist. Our science learning community focuses on helping students understand the world around them -- from the light rays bending through our universe to the inner workings of our respiratory system. Our group classes and subject tutoring span the gamut of the middle school and high school science curriculum. Our science instructors not only hail from the best universities in the world, they’ve worked at NASA, at elite software and trading companies, have [...]

Introducing TA’s Science Department2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

Introducing TA’s Humanities Department


The Humanities Learning Community Here at Tokyo Academics, we pride ourselves on fostering an innovative learning community where students can grow into creative and bright scholars of tomorrow. Our humanities learning community focuses on helping students excel in reading comprehension, written and oral communication, and critical thinking through group classes and subject tutoring in English, history, and the social sciences. With humanities instructors hailing from Ivy League institutions and premier universities around the world, Tokyo Academics provides students unparalleled opportunities for academic enrichment and quality mentorship.   Learning Emphases Tokyo Academics is invested in the holistic development of middle and high [...]

Introducing TA’s Humanities Department2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

Quick Tips for the Common Application Essay


As many of you kick your essay efforts into high-gear, the head of our Essay Counseling Division, Taka, has two pro-tips on college essays based on current trends in admissions we are seeing.    1. Common Application Essay: Keep it focused One important thing a lot of students miss is that your application is not initially reviewed by the decision makers. Instead, you are presented by the admissions officers to the committee that makes the decision. So it really helps if your main essay is easily presentable. You might be sick of hearing this, but the best essays tend to be [...]

Quick Tips for the Common Application Essay2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

TA Summer Reading (For High School)


Summer’s finally upon us. And after the crescendo of finals-induced stress it can be all too easy to sit back and settle into a 2-month mental check-out. But summer is the perfect time to explore the world around you simply for the sake of your own curiosity -- to divorce yourself from the idea that the only purpose to learning is to be tested and graded.   This summer, follow your own interests and take a lesson from some of the best teachers in the world-- great authors.   Whether your interest is science, history, or poetry, great literature is one [...]

TA Summer Reading (For High School)2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

How to Study for Finals Effectively


It’s that time of year again. The days are gradually getting longer, the sun shining almost all of the way through, with that perfect once-in-a-year warmth where you can walk out sleeveless without getting a chill or working up a sweat. All this can mean only one thing -- finals.   First of all, let it be said that whether you’re a conscientious studier all the year through or you’re a bit more lackadaisical with your studying routine (some nice SAT words there, by the by), we’re all in the same position when it comes to finals. We all, to the [...]

How to Study for Finals Effectively2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00

Franz Kafka: Why Was He Great?


“I walked through a long row of houses at the level of the first or second floor, just as one walks through a tunnel from one carriage to another. I walked quickly, perhaps also because the house was so rickety that for that reason alone one hurried. The doors between the houses I did not notice at all, it was just a gigantic row of rooms, and yet not only the differences between the individual apartments but also between the houses was recognizable...[At the end of the row] I stepped up to a group of men who seemed to be waiting [...]

Franz Kafka: Why Was He Great?2019-05-19T22:01:34+09:00